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Hey everyone. If you’re looking for a little motivation or would like to support me in my attempt to lose weight, please follow my new weight loss blog:¬†http://journeytolose100.tumblr.com/


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What are you doing tonight for New Years Eve? Text me, I work until noon.

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So, I have my Linguistics presentation in about an hour. I’m a little nervous about it because my group didn’t work together all that much. I made up the PowerPoint¬†and everyone compiled their own data and emailed it to me so I could insert it into the presentation. There’s a lot on the PowerPoint and I hope we can determine who says what in the five minutes before class that we’ll have to talk. I should have printed out the slides…

On a less nervous note, I finished my Psychology Research Requirement and turned it in today when I took the final exam, which I think I did fantastically on. I actually studied for it. I knew my shit. Also, we had time in English class to work on our papers in case we had any questions we wanted to ask the professor. I got a basic outline hashed out, so all I need to do is look up a few things and write it out. Before I left the classroom, my professor and I had a brief conversation about my paper. We seem to be on the same page.

I’m a little worried about the fact that I forgot to do a few Physics homework assignments (they’re online and she never mentions them in class), but my test grades have been consistently high enough that I should still get an acceptable (to me) grade - not to mention the consistently high scores my group gets on the warm-up activities we do every class. I’ll just have to kill the Final so I won’t worry about being behind on the homework.

So, all I need to do after this presentation is: 3 Journal Entries (for English), 1 Final Paper (for English) and 1 Final Exam (for Physics). Despite my small panic about money, I’m glad my hours at work are down next week. I have plenty of time to get done what needs to get done to finish off this semester. Yaay. This semester sucked. I can’t wait for next semester to start. It’ll make me feel like an English Major again.


What is so fundamentally wrong about dressing in jeans and a t-shirt?

It really bugs me when I’m told that I need to dress a certain way. Everybody says that you need to dress in order to look good, but I say you need to dress in order to feel comfortable. That is an imposed “rule” on gender created by MAN made society. It’s a “rule” I’d rather not follow.

Okay, I’ll dress nicely for an interview. I’ll wear my uniform to work. I’ll dress professionally when I get my job in my career. But how I dress on my own time is nobody’s concern. I like wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a hoodie with sneakers. So what? What’s the crime here? Everything I have fits me and makes me feel comfortable.

I think we’re forgetting why clothing exists in the first place. It is not to look good and incite vanity, it’s to keep us warm and protected from the natural elements of the world. I’m not saying that it’s bad to want to look good, I’m just saying it’s not bad when somebody doesn’t care. Just because you don’t think they look good doesn’t mean that they think they look bad.

Everybody has their own fashion sense, whether it seems like it or not. Everybody sees things that they want to wear. I like graphic tees and I like blue jeans. I’m obsessed with hoodies. And I like skater shoes. This is my style. It’s comfortable and I feel like myself in them.

My friend told me that I dress like a guy. So what if I do? I dress like a guy. It doesn’t matter. I’m not particularly girly. I’ve always considered myself a tomboy. I’m ready to do anything in jeans, a tee and some sneakers. They’re not restricting like a lot of other articles of clothing. I could randomly decide to go hiking or I can play with my nephew in the backyard. I could just as easily go to the mall or out to eat. So what if I dress like a guy?

That’s not to say that I’m not still picky about what I wear. I won’t buy pants without a flare at the bottom. They have to cover my shoes in a specific way if I’m going to buy them. I like t-shirts that hug my hips, but not too tightly. I like hoodies that are oversized and warm, usually lined with fleece. I like scoop neck sweaters and fleece jackets. I also like plain button down blouses. But this is all beside the point.

How I dress is nobody’s concern. How you dress is nobody’s concern. If you judge people based on the way they dress, then you are conforming to a societal rule that should not even be in place. Clothing is not for vanity and judgment. Clothing should be the least of everyone’s worries.

So, let me ask again. What is so fundamentally wrong about dressing in jeans and a t-shirt?


I have 10 minutes…

… until my class starts. So I’ll write an update.

Finals will be over next week. I have one mandatory final, one optional final (which I may or may not take), one genre analysis paper, three journal entries, one final project and one research requirement to fill. The journal entries and the research requirement are due on Thursday. My final project is also being presented on Thursday. The mandatory final is a week from Thursday, which is also the day my genre analysis paper is due. My optional final is on Tuesday, which I may just skip and use that day to study and work on my paper. I think I have a game plan.

In the subject of work, I’m not so great. Lately, I’ve noticed that people are treating me like I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve been with this job for three years and only three managers treat me as if I know what I’m doing. It’s really annoying, especially when some of the people have been with the company only a fraction of the time I have. The second a one year associate told me what to do is the second I get angry. Maybe I’ll just transfer back to my old store after Christmas. The commute would be a lot easier…

On the housing front, I’m a little less panicked. My parents told me that I could stay in the house until it gets foreclosed, which gives me more time to find a place. I can easily afford to pay the utilities and all my other expenses. What I’m still worried about is being able to afford to get a place after we lose the house. I mean, my parents plan to join a lawsuit against our mortgage company, which could end with us owning the house, but who knows how long that will take. They might evict us before the verdict is even decided. I don’t know what I’m going to do after that. Absolutely no idea. I just need housing until I graduate, then I’m moving to LA. I really don’t want to impose on anybody, but if I can make a deal, where I pay for my room, that could be good. I’ll deal with that when we’re served with papers, though. No need to worry about it now.

Oh well. It’s time for class. There was my update. I’m a little more sad than stressed at the moment, now that I feel a little more secure.


Reasons why I’m so stressed:

1. Finals - I have two finals, a final project, a summary article and a final paper

2. Increased hours at work - with these increased hours, I have no time to study for my finals, but I need the money soooo much because of my third reason

3. I need a place to live - my parents may be moving to Florida and so much is up in the air about our house, that I need to find a place by the end of January. My biggest problem isn’t finding a place, it’s finding a place I can afford… I can’t work as much as I need because I have school, so most apartments I’m finding are too expensive for me to afford…

I don’t know what I’m going to do…

“As our own peace of mind grows, so the atmosphere around us becomes more peaceful.” Dalai Lama
“The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.” Dalai Lama
“People are starving for love, not knowing their heart is a magical kitchen. Open your heart. Open your magical kitchen and refuse to walk around the world begging for love. In your heart is all the love you need. Your heart can create any amount of love, not just for yourself, but for the whole world.” Miguel Ruiz

If you can cultivate the right attitude, your enemies are your best spiritual teachers because their presence provides you with the opportunity to enhance and develop tolerance, patience and understanding.
-Dalai Lama

If you can cultivate the right attitude, your enemies are your best spiritual teachers because their presence provides you with the opportunity to enhance and develop tolerance, patience and understanding.

-Dalai Lama

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